I was so honored to have been Co-Jurors choice by Joyce Tenneson for this exhibition! My image “Lifeboat” was co-jurors choice and “Keeper” was chosen for the exhibition as well. My daughter Emily and I made the 8 hour drive to Greenville to the opening night and it was a wonderful event! I walked in to see my image “Lifeboat” on the cover of the exhibition book! I loved meeting new artists in the exhibition whom I hope to call friends! I also met an artist friend Dionne White from Facebook who lives there! Emily and I went to Falls Park the next morning and found an amazing tree! November 2, 2017

Mystery of Waters
The sea is a gift for the soul. It heals and gives us faith in who we are. As our dreams start as a seed, the waters give it fervent life. It touches our inner voice and shows us our purpose. If we follow, it is calm and hopeful. If we run from that voice and allow our fears to change our course we could be faced with great uncertainty, or even become shipwrecked. In the water it is clear, we are alive, renewed and cleansed. We are light and we are free.
My family has lived by the water since I was 8 years old. My dad, who this series is dedicated to, was a sailor and a captain. He longed for the solace that only the sea could give. In recent years water has become an important symbol in my life and have had several prophetic dreams where I float and pass through water. They have been a leading for me to many new and valuable adventures. As a portrait artist, underwater portraits were my next move. I am not sure what comes next. For now, I will listen to that voice, the one that has led me to the Mystery of Waters.
Erika Masterson 2017