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As of April 30th 2017 I will no longer be taking new clients for my fine art session,  Existing clients only(those I service regularly) for fine art sessions. If you would like to hire me for a commissioned Heirloom portrait(pricing below), please contact me. Gift certificates must be redeemed by October 31 2017.

I will be focusing on my personal artwork, caring for our four children and helping my husband with our other expanding business. It has been a pleasure all these years!

creative fees

Erika Specializes in children’s portrait photography and as a boutique portrait studio is dedicated to delivering you an exceptional experience, she has limited availability so that she can constantly maintain the highest level of excellence in all areas of her photographic studio including excellent customer service, superior attention to detail and emphasis on quality over quantity. Erika is an award winning photographer and is known for her soulful and ethereal images that can be seen in numerous magazines around the globe.

All prints are handcrafted by Erika and printed on the finest archival papers available for beauty and longevity.

fine art portraits

Erika’s Signature Session

These portraits have a timeless feel. A location is chosen as part of the final look of the portrait. Erika may use props such as fresh flowers and vintage pieces in these to enhance the character of the subject. Erika also has many vintage dresses that can be worn for girls/ladies. This session is perfect for single portraits of children, siblings, maternity, or teens, to show beauty at any age! In this session multiple images are taken and then carefully edited down to the best 10-20 which are perfected and printed in various sizes on fine art paper. Prints can be purchased individually or as a group at the time of viewing.

  • Creative fee $400(50 miles or less)
  • longer distance TBD
  • Print packages start at $750
  • Wall Portrait A la Carte pricing; 8×10 $150, 11×14 $275, 16×20 $425, 20×24 $675, 24×30 $900, larger avail.


This session is done in Black and White film. Erika will photograph with medium format as well as her 4×5 Graflex camera and other cameras. This session is for those who want to have a portrait that reflects another time and place. This can be done in-studio or on location. The session is stylized to create the perfect mood or place in time you want to go. Erika has a collection of Vintage clothing to choose from if desired. The film is processed by hand, then Erika edits to the top 5-10 images. They are all touched-up, hand-signed and printed on fine art paper as proofs for final edit. The final chosen prints from this session are Platinum/Palladium printed, a rare process from the late 1800’s. These hand-made prints will last 1,000 years. They embody an exquisite quality, a luminous glow. These images will last through multiple generations to extend a visual legacy. With this session, the edited, signed proof prints are yours to keep. This package includes an 11×14 Platinum/ Palladium print. More prints can be purchased if desired.

  • Creative fee is $4550.00 and includes 5-10 signed 8×10 fine art prints and 1-11×14 Platinum/Palladium print
  • Travel over 50 miles travel fee will apply
  • Additional prints can be purchased in addition to the package. If 2 or more prints are ordered deduct 20% off additional prints. Print sizes range from 16” down to 8”. Prices range from $2,300-$650
  • See links on the History of Platinum printing and how your platinum print will be made: CollectorsGuide.com and Wikipedia