Sara's Sojourn

Saturday April 16, 2016 from 4-8pm Erika’s Studio
Enjoy Wine and Hor d’oeurves and meet the artist!

Sara’s Sojourn A Crusade to Recapture Innocence by Erika Masterson Photographic Artist

In this series I designed a “story” of images of “Light” that speak to the darkness.
Sara is a child on the inside. Her quest for happiness and peace beckons her. She is a wounded spirit in search of repair. She sets out on her journey and dreams’ dream’s and discovers new worlds. She sleeps in the forest, battles wild beasts and conquers her fears. She is tearing down the walls that bind her and following the path to her destiny. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

“Sara” is a child that represents the inner child in all of us. She is also my daughter and a part of my DNA.
All of the images are either reproductions of my own personal dreams and personal experiences as I am on my own journey to wholeness.

In my images I use the play of “light” by painting light on the images to show the contrast of lightness and darkness in the spiritual realm. I am in love with nature and our deep connection to it as human beings and the fragility it manifests.

Sara’s Sojourn is what I call “My Heart” project. The images represent my innermost spirit, my fears, and my longings. They transcend everything I thought I was, to the person I have become on my spiritual journey. They are a story of my inner-self, my childlike spirit on a never-ending journey to true authenticity and presence.
The “mood” of these images is dark and uncertain. But within this uncertainty is where “truth” resides. The point of brokenness is the point of this freedom. Without the darkness there can be no light. Without the brokenness there can be no freedom. This is where true beauty is un-veiled through vulnerability.

In this exhibition I will have 18 16×16 images. Each image is accompanied by poems I wrote to represent the images meaning to me.
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